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Mysterious & Freaking Flashes In Space Can Be A Maturing Black Hole

Astronauts are bewildered by a peculiar source present in a distant galaxy that has been continuously emitting bright lights in a sequential array of mysterious colors.

The US-based space agency NASA has accepted that they cannot demonstrate the existence and the reason behind such mysterious rays’ emission. The scientists came up with several hypothetical phenomenon regarding the appearance of the green spot in the space. One of the hypotheses is that a black hole is consuming an enormous object. The space agency elucidated that if an object approaches extremely close to a black hole, the intense gravity of black hole pull that object apart, reconciling the debris orbiting around it.

The New York Post reported that the NuSTAR X-ray observatory was constantly viewing the light-emitting galaxy (NGC 6946) and noticed multiple blobs of blue-green light that occasionally appear within weeks, based on a novel study released in the Astrophysical Journal. NASA stated that green blobs are usually supernovas, which are sources of ultraluminous X-ray. However, supernovas emit light for a longer duration and do not flicker frequently like the ones observed by NuSTAR and NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatories.

Apart from flickering, the light source present in the distant galaxy was emitting visible light along with X-ray, which possibly indicates that it was not a supernova.

On a related note, Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) researchers’ team is rewarded with $3 Million by the Breakthrough Prize Board, as EHT team captured first-ever images of an enormous black hole. The team, continuously monitoring the space with the help of Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), revealed on April 2019 that it has succeeded in imaging the massive black hole dwelling at the heart of the galaxy M87.

At present, the EHT project comprises of eight radio telescopes set up at different locations, which are in Spain, Mexico, Arizona, Antarctica, and other regions. Now, the researchers are planning to expand the EHT project by the installation of twelve more such telescopes at different locations.

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