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Bill Gates-Backed Solar Geoengineering Concept Could Stop Global Warming

The igniting Amazon rainforest fires 2019 have ignited the debates regarding the appropriate solutions to global climate change. Scientists have been looking to use high-altitude protection approach, which is known as solar geoengineering. The ultimate effects of this technology would be almost similar to the effects of a huge volcanic eruption. The experiment involves thousands of planes, liberating millions of tons of particles at the high altitudes to create a massive atmospheric blanket that would keep the Earth’s surface cool.

According to the project director at SRMGI (Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative), the solar geoengineering technology could not only prevent the penetration of solar heat waves but also lessen the tropical storms’ intensity.

Bill Gates reveals to fund this project. The technology is quite easy to implement and is affordable. However, it could bring tremendous changes in the existing weather patterns across the region and eradicate clear skies.

Likewise, Microsoft is also focusing to improve teaching formats using several technological approaches. Recently, Microsoft India and CBSE (the Central Board of Secondary Education) have collaborated to develop capacity-development processes for high-school teachers. Under this collaboration, Microsoft would introduce cloud-powered technology for effective teaching up to 12th grade. Microsoft is soon launching the program in 10 cities for the teachers of 8–10th grade.

The ultimate goal of this program is to acquaint teachers with the use of most recent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools. The integration of new technologies in teaching would considerably enhance the teaching and learning experience in the 21st century.

CBSE-nominated 1,000 teachers will undergo a 3-day training session organized by Microsoft. In this session, teachers would be given hands-on-knowledge and practical use of Microsoft 365 tools.

Apart from MS 365 tools, the company will also instruct teachers regarding several AI-powered tools to enhance the teaching experience.

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